Heat Testing

Heat lamps were placed over both hard hats.  One hard hat had the insulated liner in it and one hard hat without the liner.  After 10 minutes, the hard hat without the liner reached 165 degrees.  The hard hat with the liner was a whole 44 degrees cooler.  This test was performed with a dry hard hat liner.  Under these guidelines there was a substantial difference in temperature.  The hard hat liner may also be wet with cold water to increase the efficiency and to provide additional evaporative cooling.  HP-LINER is very effective in extremely cold temperatures as it creates an insulated shield at the base of the hard hat shell.

Imagine what that can mean for you and your employees when outside temperatures reach 90 degrees and higher!

Extensive heat testing along with other types of testing has been performed.  HP-Liner withstands heat, is safe to add water, and is designed for protection purposes.

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